Pattaya Taxi
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Transfer Taxi to Pattaya 24 Hrs.Easy Booking. Good Driver. Call Now!
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Pattaya Taxi
Start 1,000 Baht

Transfer Taxi to Pattaya 24 Hrs.Easy Booking. Good Driver. Call Now!
Call Now Book Now Line Id: bosspattayataxi

Boss Pattaya Taxi Service.

Boss Pattaya Taxi is one of the fastest growing cab services in Pattaya and Thailand by extension. Besides, we are now considered one of the most reliable private hire taxi companies in the region which in fact is the key reason we’ve extended so quickly. Our depots are located in Pattaya, Bangkok, Suvarnabhumi Airport, Don Mueang Airport, U Tapao Airport, Hua Hin, and Koh Chang among other popular Thai destinations. Our aim is to help you get to your destination in Thailand very quickly and on time for an incredibly competitive price.

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To meet this objective, we have invested heavily in the right vehicles ranging from executive cars for your business meeting to saloon cars, estate carriers, and several state of the art minibuses that will perfectly serve you if in a group or company trips. In addition, we have in our collection a wide range of private hire airport taxis aimed at helping you enjoy comfortable trips to and from the airport.

So, whether you’re travelling as an individual on leisure or business or perhaps in a huge corporate group, rest assured that we have the right vehicle that perfectly suits your needs. Our Pattaya taxi services are available 24/7, all year round.


Things To Do In Pattaya

Taxi To Pattaya



3-4 persons + normal luggage.

Taxi To Pattaya



4-5 persons + normal luggage.

Rate Of Service:

Best Professional Pattaya Taxi Services

When it comes to professionalism, there’s possibly no better company in Pattaya than Boss Pattaya Taxi. This is especially because we’re very vigorous in selecting our drivers to ensure you only work with best ones around. What’s more? They are also some of the friendliest you will find anywhere and who are very keen on remaining professional and punctual at all times. This way, we hope to make your trips with us the best they can be.

We offer you very convenient booking options with the best one being our innovative online booking system. This system helps your data and preferences reach us as soon as possible while also enabling us serve you even better in future bookings. Truly booking a Pattaya Taxi has never been easier.

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We understand safety, timing, and reasonable matter

We know that no matter how promising a taxi company is, what clients are most interested in is their safety when travelling in those cars, timely transfers, and affordable rates. As such, we’ve focused majorly on these three areas to ensure that you enjoy the best taxi services Pattaya has to offer. For this, do not expect to face any sort of delays when relying on us for your deals. In addition, travel us with the guarantee that you’ll arrive at your preferred destination quickly and in peace.

Our Promise to You

  • Book your taxi online fast. No need to appear physically in our offices.
  • Get instant confirmation via your email.
  • Most affordable taxi rates in Thailand.
  • Free cancellations (terms and conditions apply).
  • Several payment options available- Pay online or pay cash on the material day.
  • Modern and well-serviced fleet.
  • Massive discounts especially for return clients.
  • We accept various forms of cards.

Some of our high-profile clients include airlines, multinational companies, reputable travel companies and agencies in Asia, Europe, and the US, as well as schools and colleges.


Customer Review


Thank you for the meeting and transfer service. Everything was fast and well organized . The driver was a good professional. Thank you


Great and reliable service.Reach my destination on time .Experience and friendly staff. Would recommend my friends to book this service if they visit Bangkok.

Teresa Debenham

Used from Bangkok to Pattaya and back again. Good service, good price and punctual and reliable.

Best taxi rates in Thailand

Travelling to or from Pattaya? Taxi to Bangkok? Taxi to Hua Him? Flying in to Pattaya or Thailand? Boss Pattaya is here to offer you the best rates possible.

How Does it Work?

All you need is to contact us via email ( or phone (+66 982812537/ +66 957155167). Describe to us your preferred type of car you would like to use for your transfers while in Pattaya or any other part of Thailand. We will then offer you several options available in our wide fleet. We can even advice you on the best suited car for you based on the details you furnish us with.

Once convinced, you will go ahead and make your booking.

No booking fee needed

Perhaps what you will love the most about our services is that we do not tie you with a booking fee or any other form of obligation. As such, if you deem it appropriate, you are allowed to pay the driver on the material day you will be travelling. Indeed, our only humble request is that you rate the driver once offered the service. We cannot overstate how important these ratings and feedbacks are to us. Indeed, we will only be able to improve our services and reward the best taxis and drivers if we get back this information from you.

As mentioned earlier, we are a one stop shop kind of taxi service whereby we’ll offer you all types of taxi services for all types of events or activities you partake while in Pattaya. So, whether you need a cab to use when going out or on your way to the various airports and cities, or just a mini bus for your group trips, we are here to serve you.

Boss Pattaya Taxi Cab Guide

Boss Pattaya Taxi offers four main types of cars based on size and level of comfort. If for example you’re travelling alone or in a group of less than three, then the all-new Camry 2014 maybe the best suited car to choose. Alternatively, if you need a bigger car that offers more luggage space, the Innova in our fleet will possibly serve you best.

For more premium trips to and from airports or business meetings, our Fortuner fleets will give you that class while also accommodating up to five persons plus normal luggage. Finally, a group of 5-10 persons together with their normal luggage will need to book one of our mini vans.

All these vehicles are well-serviced, insured, and are driven by highly-trained drivers that are also very knowledgeable about different routes and cities around Pattaya and Thailand.

Our Rates

Our pricing is incredibly fair ranging from 1000 Baht for short trips such as Suvarnabhumi Airport to Pattaya to 3500 Baht which we charge from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Koh Chang. Fancy being driven around Pattaya or Bangkok to enjoy various attractions and Thai culture? Get this transfer package for only 2000 Baht all day.

Contact Information

Reach us today through or +66 924 845 511. We’re absolutely the best Pattaya taxi to hire today!

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